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iOS 6 is not working for me…

09.28.2012, Uncategorized, by .

As a devoted Apple device owner and a serf to their commands, I dutifully uploaded the new iOS6 system to my phone.

I am not happy.

  • Google Maps are gone. Replaced with a ‘not-ready-for-prime-time” Apple Maps. I can’t even get Google Maps because there is no App for it.
  • Wifi connections are sketchy. I use my phone a lot and without wifi would always go over my data plan. Besides it being slower, I may end up getting hit with extra data fees. This is wrong, dead wrong.
  • YouTube being knocked out of the Apps — the new App is not nearly as good. This may be a Google issue, but I feel if Apple had not eliminated the authomatic App, all would be fine. This is a problem.
  • It’s just slower overall.

So what benefit am I receiving from this upgrade?

Apple please tell me.

Maybe it is time to cut the Apple cord — although we own four iPhones; two iPads; two MacBook Airs and a MacBook Pro.




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