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The Dirty Heads

11.28.2012, Uncategorized, by .

The Dirty Heads are a reggae/ska band from Southern California. They have produced out two albums. They had a big hit on the Alt-Rock charts with LAY ME DOWN a few years ago. But I don’t listen to radio and had never heard of them until earlier this year.

How did I discover them?

I like to listen to Pandora Radio. I created a channel based on Sublime, Smashmouth and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Most of the music consisted of songs that I already knew. But every now and then either LAY ME DOWN of STAND TALL would come on. At first, I didn’t pay much attention, but after a bit the songs started to stick with me. I checked and noticed it was from Dirty Heads.

I put it aside.

A month later I was on YouTube and just checking out videos. I stumbled across LIVE FROM DARYL’S HOUSE. A very cool channel that is hosted by Daryl Hall at his upstate NY house. He has various musical guests and they jam. Guess what? The two principals of Dirty Heads (Dirty J and Duddy B) were in an episode. They were doing the best version of Hall and Oates’ Rich Girl that I have ever heard.

I then went to iTunes and bought both of the Dirty Heads albums.

One of my new favorite groups.

But my discovery path was much different than it once was.

But that is the new, wonderful world we live in.

But I can’t find their version of RICH GIRL anywhere for purchase…

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