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Zombies are Everywhere

03.25.2013, Uncategorized, by .

Read today on TheNextWeb.com that Amazon is creating a TV show based on the movie Zombieland. It will be exclusive to Amazon Prime. I loved the movie and feel the TV show is a natural. I am surprised that Amazon snagged it and not one of the networks. But then, given the way content is being created, owned and distributed. It makes sense for the retailer to also be the creator.

Zombies continue to be hot.

Brad Pitt stars in a huge movie this year — WORLD WAR Z (trailer). Based on the enormously popular novel by Max Brooks. Brooks also wrote two other companion books. If you haven’t read the books, you should. Great fun and quick reads.

AMC-TV has a hit to best Mad Men with WALKING DEAD. Another zombie biggie. I have not seen the show but feel I should. The fans are crazy for it.

Earlier this year, WARM BODIES was a surprise hit movie. It was based on the novel from Isaac Marion. A zombie comedy.

Type in “zombies” on the Amazon book page and almost 14,500 results pop up.

“Erotic Romance” and “New Adult” may be the new hot categories, but don’t overlook a good old standby – ZOMBIES!

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