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04.10.2013, Uncategorized, by .

I enjoy Twitter. I find it a great way to stay in touch with others in the publishing industry, I also use it for news, sports and just general stuff.

I don’t follow many celebrities. I find them boring.

But the accounts with the most followers are generally celebrities… and many don’t even tweet that much.

The top ten (with followers).

  1. @justinbieber (37.3-million).
  2. @ladygaga (36.0-million).
  3. @katyperry (34.8-million).
  4. @BarackObama (29.6-million).
  5. @rihanna (29.1-million).
  6. @YouTube (26.1-million).
  7. @taylorswift13 (26.0-million).
  8. @britneyspears (25.6-million).
  9. @shakari (20.3-million).
  10. @jtimberlake (20.7-million).

Bieber actually tweets with over 21,000. But five of the top 10 have less than 2,500 tweets. That is barely saying anything.

Only one of the top is an organization – YouTube.

8 of the top 10 are musicians. All of them are under 30.

President Obama is the only serious one on the list.

I am closing in on 800 followers! Thank you. I have sent over 11,000 tweets. I have a ways to go to join the top 10!!!




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