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MAGA (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon):

04.18.2013, Uncategorized, by .

In OCT 2012, I wrote that MAGA controlled publishing.

Today, I am expanding that to MAGA controls much more.

Here is how MAGA helps me run my small business:

  • MicrosoftTheir business tools are better than anyone else. I use Word, Excel and Powerpoint all the time. It is easy to move between the three to use data from one platform to the other. I have tried to use Apple’s products and find them lacking and surprisingly hard to work with. Plus I found some clients are unable to open a Pages (Apple’s word-processing software).
  • AppleTheir hardware is better than anyone else. I have a MacBook Air, an iPad and an iPhone. Actually we all have iPhones and Macs. These machines work great. Plus if they have problems, there is an Apple store close and they stand behind their products. I had Windows-based machines for decades and had a few instances of viruses. So far, no problems with my Apple products.
  • GoogleTheir search and small business web systems are better than anyone else. I am just starting to understand the power of Google. I use gmail for my main email. But recently decided to switch to jackwperry@38enso.com. It was simple to drive it through Google. For only $50 a year, I get an enormous amount of space plus the quality of Google and my personalized email. I also am just starting to realize the power of Google Analytics.
  • AmazonTheir online selling and platform are better than anyone else.  I currently do not sell products direct to consumer. But if I did, I would sign up to be an Amazon affiliate immediately. They ship and warehouse better than anyone. They also are the main disruptor in the book publishing industry. They keep innovating and making things interesting. This helps as a consultant to the industry. Always something new happening.

So, although I can complain about corporate giants running our lives, I guess I am also reliant on them.

Technology has created tremendous opportunities. I would not have been able to be “independent” without MAGA.


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