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Twins v Yankees

10.10.2009, Uncategorized, by .

Last night the Yankees pulled another miracle win against the Twins.  I don’t believe in a jinx, but I do believe there comes a time that CONFIDENCE gets shattered.  The Yankees have defeated the Twins 23 out of 25 games in Yankee Stadium since 2002.  That is 92%!  

This year they have won 4-5 games in the last at-bat.  Last night, in game two of the playoffs, the Twins lost in 12 innings.  They got robbed with an obvious missed call that turned a Twins double into a foul ball.  But the Twins still had the bases loaded with 0 out.  They still couldn’t score.

   I am not really anti-Yankee.  But I like the logo.  I just feel so bad for Minnesota.  It is embarrassing.  So how does it come to this point that one team dominates the other so much?  This has been ongoing for seven years. 

I believe the Twins lack the belief that they can win, and then when small things go against them, they view it as some omen that they are going to lose.   It is all over their expressions.  It is all over their attitude.  It is a cancer and almost impossible to break. 

Almost impossible.  There are many examples in sports of one team dominating the other and then finally a break through.  The Red Sox came back down 3-0 in games to the Yankees and stormed back to go to the World Series, then they swept the Cardinals.  The jinx was lifted and Boston has been better since.  In college football, Michigan State has won two in a row verses Michigan for the first time in almost 40 years!

I thought this post was leading me to some profound answer as to how teams can overcome this rut.  But I can’t.  There is no magic bullet.  But CONFIDENCE must be restored.  CONFIDENCE comes from within.  So, it will be up to each member to reach inside and believe. 

Believe in yourself first.  If you do, others will believe in you.  If you don’t believe in yourself, why should others?

I expect the Twins will continue to be dominated by the Yankees.  It’s sad.

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