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eReader Price Wars

07.29.2010, Uncategorized, by .

Today, Amazon announced that there will be a KINDLE 3 on 23 August.   It will be $139.  

About  month ago, Amazon lowered the KINDLE 2 from $259 to $189 in response to B&N nook’s being lowered to $199.

A few months ago, Kobo released a low-end, then low-cost eReader for $149.    Sony also lowered their cheapest device to $149.   Borders.com sells both devices.   Borders also sells a ALURATEK LIBRE for $119.  Wal-mart, Target and many others are selling various devices.

Refurbished eReaders are hitting the internet for around $100.   The eReader is about to hit mass market.   This Fall could be the explosion of a new type of eBook consumer.   Someone who has been waiting for the drop in price. 

The future is upon us — today.  

Where will this winding road end up?

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