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I have moderated and participated on panels at national industry shows:

  • NYU SPS 2015-2017 — teach the “Capstone in Publishing” in the graduate program. Won the 2017 “Award for Teaching Excellence.”
  • I blogged for DBW as part of their ‘Expert Publishing Blog’ group.

Some recent quotes:

Crain’s New York Business : Once seen as a dying business, city bookstores are gaining ground

“If they have been buying under one account, then the different locations would be treated as one entity and not be able to be peeled off by location,” said Jack Perry, an industry consultant and former sales executive.

Capital New York : News Corp. All Set With Watchman

“”It’s gonna have a tremendous effect,” said Jack Perry, founder of the publishing advisory firm 38enso Consulting. He predicts first-year sales of 1.5 million, backlist sales of half a million annually and a 20- to 25-percent bump for Mockingbird to boot. “I think they’ve got something they can count on for a long time.”


The New York Times :  Holiday Sales Slide 60% at Barnes & Noble Nook Unit, Pointing to Tests for Chief

“Jack W. Perry, a publishing consultant, said that Barnes & Noble’s position had become precarious. “They need to get their act together now,” he said. “They need to do something now before the Nook is no longer viable.”


Bloomberg Businessweek : The Many Faces of Steve Jobs: The Paperback Comes Out With a Younger Image

 “It’s a way to reinvent the book for a younger audience,” says Jack Perry, a publishing industry consultant. Hardback books are aimed at businesspeople, who can afford them, he says; college students, if they still buy books, tend to buy paperbacks. “And some people may actually buy the book again just because it has a new cover.”


Bloomberg Businessweek : The End: Barnes & Noble in Silicon Valley

“The company became kind of schizophrenic,” says Jack Perry, who runs the publishing consulting firm 38Enso and who has been watching the bookseller closely. “The people in New York didn’t know what was going on in Silicon Valley, and the people in Silicon Valley didn’t care what was going on in New York.”


The New York Times : Fork in the Road for a Bookseller

“The question is, can they truly take the Nook and sell it to someone who’s interested?” said Jack W. Perry, a publishing consultant. “I don’t know if the Nook name has the value to it. But with the customers Barnes & Noble has, there’s still value there.”
Which? Conversation :  Core blimey, Apple accused of ebook price fixing
“As ebook advocate Jack W Perry has commented: ‘I believe 99 cent eBooks are definitely a smart way to go for many publishers (and individuals). I understand the reasons traditional publishers want to hold onto a $14.99 eBook price. But that is old-school thinking and out of step with the realities of today’.”
The Atlantic :  Barnes & Noble’s Ex-CEO MIght Still Have a Job If He Cared About Books
“The company became kind of schizophrenic,” says Jack Perry, who runs the publishing consulting firm 38Enso and who has been watching the bookseller closely. “The people in New York didn’t know what was going on in Silicon Valley, and the people in Silicon Valley didn’t care what was going on in New York.”
edu-hb.com :命运的终章:巴诺书店在硅谷
“这家公司在某种程度上变成了’精神分裂症患者’。”杰克·佩里(Jack Perry)说道,他运营着出版咨询公司38Enso,一直以来都在密切关注巴诺书店的发展动态。
Publishers Weekly : BEA 2013: Is E-book Lending Good for Authors?
“It leads to discoverability,” said Jack Perry, owner of 38enso Inc. Indeed, discoverability was seen as one of the finer points of e-book lending…Windowing is going the way of dinosaurs”
Lectura Lab : El modelo de suscripción para los ebooks se va extendiendo
“Las ventas de libros electrónicos en ciertos mercados parecen estancarse. Por esta razón se empieza a experimentar con otros modelos que las hagan despegar. Jack W Perry presenta algunos de ellos en un artículo publicado en Digital Book World (DBW).”
paidContent : Dear Diary: What’s the role of a personal journal in the digital age?
“Jack Perry, the owner of book publishing consultancy 38Enso, has been keeping a personal journal for nearly 20 years. He handwrites everything (“I prefer markers and rollerballs”) and said he’s “slowed down his writing in physical journals because of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., I find I can document events better online.” He also spends less time writing than he used to: “I probably have 100 journals that I have written in over the years. I used to use one up every two to three months. Now it’s every nine to ten months.”
The New York Times: The Bookstore’s Last Stand
“All of this would be a tall order for any C.E.O., and some analysts wonder if Mr. Lynch has bitten off more than he can chew. Then again, given this industry’s pace of change, Barnes & Noble may have to adapt to new realities, or die trying. “I think they realize they can’t continue at the rate they’re going,” said Jack W. Perry, a publishing consultant. “They need more money to invest, to slug it out.”

The Indianapolis Star: SerVaas Family Wants a Dramatic Turnaround for The Saturday Evening Post

“The magazine’s would-be turnaround comes at a hard time for print magazines. “You look at some of them, and they’re having difficulties,” said media consultant Jack W. Perry. “I’m thinking of Newsweek and Time. But with The Saturday Evening Post being more feature driven, it’ll have a longer shelf life, which could certainly help it.”

Patt Morrison Show: Will Amazon’s Self-Publishing Put Publishers Out of a Job?
Participated on a discussion on Southern California NPR affiliate KPCC (89.3) with Jim Fusilli (WSJ) and Dennis Loy Johnson (Melville House). We talked about Amazon, self-publishing, and the future. 
paidContent.org: E-Singles:Journalism’s Extraordinary Challenges In An Entirely New Place.
A recap of the panel I moderated at Digital Book World 2012. Panel members were Jon Meacham (RH); Evan Ratliff (TheAtavist); Tim Holman (Orbit and Yen Press) and Carrie Swetonic (Dutton).
Crains New York: Random House’s digital department and outlook.
“And Random House has been using its resources to increase its digital clout. “They have more people in their digital group than many publishers have, period,” said Jack Perry, a consultant and former Random House sales chief. “That’s allowed them to be more aggressive.”

The New York Times : Perseus new eBook distribution for authors.

“Jack W. Perry, a publishing consultant, said that the service could appeal to authors who wanted their e-books published with wide distribution.“A lot of times when people go in and work with e-books, they have to do a lot themselves,” he said. “Perseus is trying to take on a lot of that.”

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