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The Series of 8

complete_7_2009 031


A collection of eight.

The order is important.

Each has a specific name.

Each has writing on the back to help explain.

The photo is blurry.

I took it in a hurry (so sorry).

Each painting has a name.

Each painting shall remain.


#1:    CHAOS     Chaos

Everything starts out of CHAOS.  The world began with the “Big Bang.”  The ultimate explosion.  It probably will end with one too.  Under the paint is a map of the world.  It is deconstructed so all the continents are connected – as it was in the beginning.  See the fire-head?  The shield?  The fist?









#2:    SERENITYSerenity

After the storm, there is peace, quiet, serenity.  This is calm.  The upper part is a tornado [love the white texture].  It spins down and eventually out.  The lower part is a peaceful circle [enso?].  The black background is serenity. Out of Chaos comes Serenity…









#3:    QA [Question Authority]Q&A

It is important to always question the norm.  Don’t accept what people tell you at face value – esp. if it comes from someone in power. Discover it yourself.  Question yourself!

  • Three Qs — three little birds [Marley]
  • 8 or is it infinity on it’s side?
  • Smiling face — carnivalesque or buddah?
  • Bottom enso that represents the buck stops with you.








#4:     FUJI

Mt. Fuji is one of the most powerful symbols in the world.  Symbols have enormous power – remember that.  The huge red sun above is ever present.  The three yellow suns below represent Marley’s three birds.  Not sure if the drawing of Fuji is accurate – so my apologies to anyone who may be offended.  I just drew what I felt.   Cigar used.









#5:     CHAOS 2  Chaos 2

Always comes back to Chaos.  So in the 8 drawings, 2 are Chaos [or 25%].  Learn to live with Chaos, it is always around and can be powerful.  Live the day.  I also see LOVE in this painting.  First use of the grill.










#6:     SECURITYSecurity

Security in this painting represents CONFIDENCE.  Having the security to take chances.  That if one tries and fails, all is OK.  The middle is painted over a knight with his shield.  The words ‘nobility’; ‘character’; ‘honesty’; and ‘stand up 4 your…’ are painted within. To stand up for your rights and your beliefs and yourself.








#7:     U to T [Unity to Tradition]U to T

It is always important to remember where you came from.  This represents the connection of USA to the UK.  The current American empire is just an extension of the old British empire.  Keep in mind your past.  UNITY is painted at the top and TRADITION at the bottom.  Silver enso.









The End#8:     THE END

Every thing must end.  But each ending opens up a new beginning, a new life.  So it is important to mourn the end, but as important to celebrate the new beginning.  I love the touch of red, the black and silver.  The tombstone feel.  This painting is 1/3 smaller than the others, but in many ways the most powerful.










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