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America – The Black Star

This was painted and created in 2012. I had expressed my thoughts of the dark side of America. But also the resilience of the nation. As much as the country is battered and taken down, it pulls itself back together and rebuilds. I painted and put the two board together in 2012. I also added the text on the back (in black) in 2012. But I finished the painting in 2020 with the red lettering. It now hangs on the wall behind me during my Zoom calls. Not sure how long it will, but for now it fits on the open space.

The painting is part American flag, part enso, part chaos. The painting is made up of two battered pieces of wood. The boards are connected by wire, duct tape, and a metal bracket. The idea is use whatever it takes to put the fractured nation back together. It won’t be perfect, but it will be right.

There is a black star in the center.

I don’t usually show the back of the pieces online, but made an exception here. Why – I don’t know, I just did.

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