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Venn, Cube, Eye, & Enso

These first four painting are a set. They are usually displayed vertically like this and represent a handful of round and not so round images. The paint is acrylic and canvas are “hard canvases” and are 8.5 x 14.

The first one is VENN – a classic diagram that will describe with three (and could be 2) circles. The key is to be part of all three. The sweet spot. I love a good Venn Diagram. The one is the basic CUBE. The essence of 3D. The most famous cubes to me are dice. Roll them and decide your fate. This one has a dot showing – it is the number one. The EYE sees all. Represent witness, vision, and perspective. This one could be red? In the corner is the Zia Pueblo Sun. The final one is the ENSO. It is a basic black on white enso and the symbol of consecutiveness and reinvention.

A few other drawings – the Queen of Spades comes back. This is the front of the back. The Queen is evil, the red is a bullet. Beware of the QUEEN. This is on the same canvas as the others above.

A few others – these are minor paintings, made from torn hardcover book cases. One of my favorite things is to take hardcovers and rip the case off of them – spray paint for the base and use as a canvas.

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