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Samsung Galaxy S III & Apple iPhone 5

10.17.2012, Uncategorized, by .

Samsung appears to have bought every commercial on the MLB playoffs. So much that I am really tired of the “parents waiting in line for the iPhone” ad. I have seem each at least 50 times and it gets wearing.

But, maybe it is fatigue or maybe it is my disappointment in Apple, but I am actually considering a Samsung for my next smart-phone.

I have been an Apple phone user for three generations of smart-phones and as long as smart phones have been around. I love having access to all that data and rely on my phone for dozens of things. I need it and can never turn back to the days of my phone for “making calls.”

Why am I thinking of the Samsung?

  • I trust the brand. A few years ago I switched my TVs to Samsung from Sony. The quality is strong.
  • Bigger screen.
  • Assume it is more reliable for making calls and getting data than my iPhone. There are spots in NYC that the service is horrible.
  • Still mad at Apple for the Maps mishap and taking away the YouTube App. I don’t want to get caught in the battle between Google and Apple. Seems like the consumer loses during these battles.
  • Break away from Apple’s stranglehold on my tech tools. I have an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air.

But I do like the ease of linking my iPad, Air and iPhone. I am very satisfied with Apple’s laptops and doubt I will ever change. The product is too damn good. But the phone is much weaker.

What to do? My upgrade is set for January. So I have a few months to ponder.


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