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I started to list dozens of professionals that all said they would be happy to recommend me. Then I stopped. Why? Book publishing is like most industries in that there is ONE DEGREE OF SEPARATION between people. I am sure there are people we have in common. Check my LinkedIn page for some connections.

Some of the people will give me five star stellar reviews, others may just say “he is a nice guy.” Hopefully no one will completely dismiss me — but that is possible too. No one can be liked by everyone. But these responses will be much more real than a list of pre-approved individuals coming direct from me. One of the main things of a successful project is getting the right people together. I want to make sure that any project, consultation or team that clicks. It is all about working with people you fit with.

I am more than happy to provide references on demand. But, my sense is there are third parties we have in common and their words will have more weight.





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