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The Art Show (is smoking)

A sketch book that is 8×8 and mostly filled with drawings and paintings. There are a few pages with text, but that is scarce. It is 126 pages long. It was created from SEP 2009 to NOV 2009. That is alot of drawing in a short period of time.

The pages below – a) cool dude with monocle – a jerk; b) smoke em if you have them; c) the front cover. this is from the journal maker – today I would probably spray paint it black d) Abe; e) Jiggypuff – from Pokemon; f) Yo Gabba Gabba double spread; g) believe in yourself (in brown pencil) h) Sun – influenced by Sublime; i) Budda[h] – the leader of the advisory council j) descriptions of the council; k) LIVE YOUR LIFE – one of my favorite pages l) snowboarder; m) Core Process of Marketing – another fav; n) eyes – this is paired with a painting LIPS; o) photo of the “advisory board.”

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