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Circles In Squares

Five paintings. They are a set. Five phases of a life. The traditional way to display the five is in a circle. Start in the upper left hand side at “Birth.” Then rotate clockwise to the lighter color of “Discovery.” Then down to the lower right and the growth area of the “Grind.” Shift to the left and hit your stride in “Mastery.” and finally come to the dark blue with the white in the middle – that is the “End.” each painting has text on the back. But I generally don’t show that online.


1. BIRTH – everything must come from an existence before. Who were we before we were born? What did we know? But this shows emergence. Coming through the painting born like a crossfire hurricane.┬áThe hurricane symbol is in the middle. This is one of my few paintings that do not have an enso. The top blue bar represents a path forward – it tilts upward.


2. DISCOVERY – this is youth where you can dream to be anything you want. This is the time to fail at many things as you are discovering what you want to be — what you are good at doing — what discipline you will choose — or will choose you. It is the beginnings of the journey to being an expert. It is light because the “life painting” is still to be painted. Try many things. Experiment.


3. GROWTH – or “the Grind.” This stage is working hard and earning your place in the world. This is the hard work to grow and be stronger. It is a bowling ball smashing pins. STRIKE! It is Pacman eating dots. The more focused on the skill, the more you will become the expert. Find mentors. Learn from them. Be aggressive.


4. MASTERY – This is the high earning and high performing stage. Achievement and acknowledgement of being an expert. At this stage, you are in charge. You control your situation. Do what you want. All of the previous stages are apexing at this stage. This is the top of the mountain. Make this last as long as you can. This is building the brand. The strong allegiance to what you know. To who you are.


5. END – if there is a beginning, there must be an end. Full circle. Every story ends. But there is a rebirth. Each story, each life has a path. It is a journey and that journey must always end. The endless journey has no result. But one with an end has a purpose. Once it ends, a new one begins. The End.


All five as on display — in the “non-traditional” set-up. This Circle of Squares set can be displayed as at the top – or as below. But in no other configuration that these two.


Additional background in a booklet with outlines.


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