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Monkey & Non-existence

The 16×20 canvas frames came in a package of 6.

I did two sets of paintings from them. One was. set of 4 (Monkey) and the other 2 were done later – not sure how much later but when I was more in a pensive mood. The Monkey ones are less serious. I used Acrylic paint (my favorite). I also used playing cards.

Crazy 8s
4 Aces
One Eyed Jacks
Queen of Spades

These four paintings make up the “Monkey group.” Each is designated by playing cards. The first one a game where the 8s are the wild cards – the dominate cards. Few games have the 8s as top value – usually a middling card. But shows that every dog has its day. The second one is just pure power – 4 Aces. The top card – and also can be the bottom card. An “ace” is a compliment and this is game in and game out the most powerful of them all. The “one eyed jacks” are Hearts and Spades. Always my favorite cards in the deck. The protectors. The final one is the Queen of Spades – represents death and destruction. In Hearts, the Q of Spades is the game changer – worth as much as all the others combined.

Put them together – and you get “Monkey”


++++++++++++ The second part of this are two simple but more serious paintings ++++++++++++++

This is a free painting. The simple black enso is strong throughout. It is solid and build to last. It was made with spray paint. Within the thick black enso is a thin white line. For staying on the right path. The yellow sun is strength too and brightness. The outside has a ring of security and friends. It is a basic enso with additions.

In contrast, the last painting is a violent and more troubled view. It is confusing. What is the meaning of it all? The middle has the black enso again – but it is moving and not settled. The sky is dark and a strom is coming. The landscape is unknown. The small silver ensos at the left are “escape pods?” The ones on the ground that are connected might e family – or tanks – or grounding. The red “exclamation point” at the right bottom is a statement of anger. Below the painting is wha is written on the sides of it. The four sides tell the story – or do they ask the unanswerable question?

Non-existence painting.

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