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The Rolling Stones

02.09.2013, Uncategorized, by .

Are the Rolling Stones the Greatest Rock n Roll Band?

They are celebrating their 50th year as a band. 50?

I’m listing to Pandora — MIDNIGHT RAMBLER.

  • Reading MICK a bio by Chris Andersen. Mick is having sex with everyone on every page.
  • Finished LIFE by Keith. Took me a year. I thought it a great book, didn’t want to end.
  • I have Bill’s STONE ALONE, but haven’t read it. I should.
  • I read Ronnie’s book. But it wasn’t as deep. I love his art.
  • Loved EXILE ON MAIN STREET by Robert Greenfield – the book written about the making of the album.
  • Charlie should write a book.
  • Stanley Booth’s classic THE TRUE ADVENTURES OF THE ROLLING STONE is good reading.
  • I’ve read a few others too, but noting come to mind.

I have 150 Stones singles on my iPod. Put on ‘shuffle’ and listen to it all.

CROSSFIRE HURRICANE on HBO, Seen it a few times.

Logo is timeless.



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