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Zen of Random Stimulation and Lateral Thinking

11.27.2013, Books, by .

Lateral ThinkingEdward deBono coined the phrase “lateral thinking” in 1967 and wrote the book, LATERAL THINKING (Harper & Row, US) in 1970. Basically it is about a way to reason and look at situations from different points of view. I am sure there are many complex facets to this. But I generally find a single piece of it and apply my own perspective.

I have referenced and read bits of the book for years. I like the way it focuses me and helps exercise my brain.

Last week, I randomly opened the book to page 193, chapter 18 : “Random stimulation.”

I read two pages.

My understanding and spin on these two pages (this is a review of only two pages of a book).

Generating exposure to new stimuli through the following four ways:

  1. Random Inputs (RI) – must be accepting to everything. Who knows where the next inspiration comes from? Don’t miss the opportunity by being closed minded. Keep an open mind.
  2. Other’s Ideas (OI) – even those diametrically against. Many times the best solutions come from a hybrid of two opposites.
  3. Different Fields (DF) – everything is related. The task is to discover and understand the relationships. Once that happens, new solutions can be applied to old and new problems.
  4. Physical Exposure (PE) – get out of the house. See and small and touch different things. Browse. Anywhere, anytime.

IMG_3442Then once any/all of the above are done, just observe and let things happen. Don’t try to force the issue too much. Let go of controlling that time and open your mind. I generally have the issue or problem in the back of my mind. So that I am aware of what might be helpful. But it is a struggle to try to maintain a blank mind. But it helps.

Many paths can lead to the same solution.

It is important to move forward.

When blocked, it is necessary to re-view the pressure, and come up with a new path.

The results will be achieved and creative solutions will be learned along the way.IMG_3441




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