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Advisor v Consultant

07.20.2010, Uncategorized, by .

July is usually a very slow time for book publishing.  It is summer.  People take vacations and the store sales are slow.  It is a time to recharge for the Fall push.   The 4th Quarter when the year is make or break. 

Being a Corporate Advisor is different.   I prefer “Advisor” over “Consultant.”  Consultants come in an assess and then jump out to the next project.  Advisors remain and help build what they started.   At least that is how I see it.  Plus, Consultant gets such a bad rap in the classic movie OFFICE SPACE.  If you have not seen it, download and watch.   Very funny.

But I have been very busy this July.   In addition to my regular publishing clients, I have been meeting with a lot of related groups.   I advise on digital strategy and eBooks.   My base is publishers.  But recently I have met with three top literary agencies; a tech company that serves corporate publishers; a media agency; two software development companies and a big bookseller.   All are concerned about what the new world of digital books will mean for their piece of the action.

Everyone is interested and has questions.   But the answers are elusive.

I feel the rules are being written now.  Experimentation is everywhere.  Time to try new things and not be afraid of failure.   There is money to be made and new channels to open up. 

Chaos is good.  It leads to a new world.  It takes the best and strongest and luckiest of the old and re-positions them in the new.

I enjoy being a small piece of this change.   But I also don’t want to lose site of the past — the history.   I am still a big reader of paper and ink.  But I realize the eBook is happening now.

Amazon recently announced that they are now selling more eBooks than hardcover books.   That is astounding.   It means change is happening NOW.   So, jump in.   I can help guide you…

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