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Kindle drops price to $79

09.28.2011, Uncategorized, by .


Amazon Kindle continued it’s assault on bringing eBooks to everyone today. In addition to announcing a new “Kindle Fire” tablet for $199, they brought the Kindle down to $79.

The Kindle revolutionized eBooks and publishing four years ago. It was $479. Today it is $400 cheaper!  I wouldn’t doubt they bring this down even more in the next few months. Or how about offering $100 in free books so that people actually make money with the new one? I see Amazon continuing to push the price of the hardware down. Why not give it away in a box of Cracker Jacks?

Amazon also announced a tablet call Kindle Fire. It is $199. It is a direct competitor B&N’s nook. The nook is $249. After today’s announcement, Barnes & Noble’s stock went down by 12%. I guess Wall Street also sees the threat of the new Amazon device.

Amazon was smart to target the B&N nook and not Apple’s iPad.

Just another day in the eBook world. I am sure Kobo, Sony, Google and the rest will continue to follow these leaders. They need to just to keep up.

But the battle looms and Amazon continues to show why they are king and will do everything possible to stay there.

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