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04.04.2012, Uncategorized, by .

I love Pandora internet radio.

I listen to it on many devices. I have it on my MacBook Air; Samsung Galaxy; iPad and iPhone.

I have 10 or so channels for each. Most of them are close in style to one another.

I don’t have them all synched together. Is that even possible?

I also find the iPad App not as helpful for the song lyrics don’t come up.

The Galaxy isn’t good because I like to buy a lot of the songs I hear and that doesn’t have my iTunes Cloud. I can buy on iPhone, iPad or MacBook Air and the songs go to all devices. Yes, the cloud is impressive.

I don’t pay for premium. Maybe I will one day but the commercials are fine. I do but a lot of songs through Pandora to iTunes. I hope Pandora gets a cut of that action. I would guess they get some type of affiliate fee? No?

Pandora is great for any occasion. Need background music? Classical? Christmas?

I see that some cars now come with Pandora streaming through them. That is cool too.

I just bought an entire George Harrison LIve from Japan with Clapton and others as guests. Love it.

“While My Guitar Gently Sleeps”…


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