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Thinking in New Boxes

11.04.2013, Books, by .

Thinking-in-New-Boxes-by-Luc-de-BrabandereOne of the books I am currently reading is titled THINKING IN NEW BOXES – A New Paradigm for Business Creativity. The book is written by Luc de Brabandere and Alan Ivy of the Boston Consulting Group. It is edited by Random House executive Will Murphy.

Like all business books, it has it’s usual take-aways, graphs, tables, catchy phrases and lists. Also like many business books, the authors are consultants or “thought-leaders” who travel the world espousing their wisdom. This book is no different than the usual business tome — but I am enjoying it quite a bit.

I read a lot of business books. I find most of them interesting and there is usually something to be learned. No doubt, many are repetitive phrases and all contain similar lessons. But then, there really isn’t anything new to management and getting your employees to be creative. The key is to establish an attitude that allows for creativity. To view it with fresh eyes and a ‘”beginner’s brain.”

SJ_paperback__1_I never read a business book from front-to-back. I always skip around. I may read the last chapter first or the index. I also like to write in the books. These are both reasons why I seldom buy business eBooks. I much prefer the paper form. It is ideal for writing notes and for flipping around. I have found that digital just doesn’t deliver the same experience. So, I may read a business biography (STEVE JOBS by Isaacson) in digital form but not management or policy books.

For THINKING IN NEW BOXES, I found a wealth of information reading the first page of the Glossary.

Some notes on how this book has and will help me:

  • The Theory of the Box
    • The Box is a Mental Model
      • Concepts
      • Stereotypes
      • Categories
      • Ideas
      • Frameworks
      • Paradigms
    • Need to break out of the old “mental model.”
    • New Way to Think
      • Organize Facts
      • Connect the Links
      • Use the Information to Create Patterns
      • Repeat
    • The Power of the New Box
      • Baggage-free
      • Risk-taking
      • Fact-based
      • Psychology involved
  • 26-31-34-42-44-46-64-67-82-06-11


I don’t expect this outline to mean much by itself. But having read enough of the book, it does make sense. It helps me to review projects in a new manner and to explore beyond the obvious. I link this thinking to Edward de Bono’s classic work LATERAL THINKING.

Looking forward to reading more.Unknown

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