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December 1

12.01.2010, Uncategorized, by .

The final month of the year is upon us.  2010 is in the final chapter.


It always seems like the year just passes by.   Before one notices, it is DEC and only 24 days to Xmas.   Have you started shopping yet?


The advent of on-line shopping has dramatically changed my habits.  I actually prefer to do all my shopping on-line if possible.   I don’t mind going into stores and browsing and people watching.  But I hate waiting in line.  I also always feel the prices must be better on-line.


I downloaded an App called “Amazon Price Check” to my iPhone.  It allows you to scan the barcode and will price check it against all offers on the web.   Well, maybe not all, but many of them.   I love this App.  It is a way for Amazon to use other people’s stores to sell their items.  But I use it more for the fun of scanning and seeing what the options are.


I hate trying to find the right size at stores.  So much of the time, you can find the style you want but it is a crap shoot getting the size.   On-line shopping is perfect.   The size may not be in stock, but it is easy to find out.   Plus the selection is dramatically better.

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