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Zen of Shoveling Snow

01.29.2011, Uncategorized, by .

New York has received record snowfall for January.  It has snowed so much that the older snow has not melted and the new snow just piles up on top.  I don’t own a snow blower. I don’t have anyone come and shovel.  I choose to shovel the snow myself.


Although it can be a pain — shoveling snow is worth every minute.  Besides the obvious exercise and fresh air, it is great for clearing one’s mind.  Snow shoveling uses few brain cells. All one must do is pick it up in one place and drop it in another.


Such simple tasks are good to let your mind wander.


To recharge your brain.


To think of things from a blank slate.


Plus when shoveling snow (as raking leaves and cutting grass), it is very easy to see what you have accomplished.  So much of what we do, the results are not easily seen.  With these simple tasks, it is right in front of us.


So, get out and shovel. Use the time to deal with complex problems – and maybe they won’t be as complex and not a problem.


Solutions can be had by changing mind-sets.  Change the environment.


Focus on the mundane and you might get the breakthrough and solution you are looking for.

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