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01.12.2012, Uncategorized, by .

Been thinking of something to write. My last two posts were recaps and predictions of the publishing industry of 2011 & 2012. But as I closed my eyes and put on Pandora Radio to my Sublime+++ station, my focus went to Twitter.

I like Twitter. Sometimes I will tweet all day long (maybe 100 total), other days just a few times. I try to balance and tweet every day. It’s important to be consistent.

I have 629 followers at this moment. It will change in an hour. By Twitter standards, I don’t have a lot of followers. But I like it. I feel good about those that follow.

I have rolled up 6,600 individual tweets.

Everytime I tweet about an iPod, iPad or iPhone, I get 2-3 Spams offering me a free Apple product. Why? Does anyone believe these scams?

I get a lot of news from Twitter, I will click through to the stories that are of interest.

I don’t follow many celebrities. They are generally boring. I just don’t care that much about their personal lives.

I also prefer to follow industry professionals and not necessarily publishing company official twitter accounts. I like the individuality and not company opinions.

I have changed my profile picture 3-4 times. I probably should do it more often.

I try to keep those I follow to 500. But I have creeped over that to 534. Oh well, it happens. I like to follow friends, but if they only tweet once every month, I may drop. It’s not personal, but no need to follow people that don’t tweet.

Everyone should have an account. Don’t have to tweet — can just follow. That’s cool. But it’s important to be a part of it.

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