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Anonymous, Wimpy Kid, and Don Jr.

11.06.2019, Uncategorized, by .

Amazon is a bellwether of what is happening in the nation. The country is enthralled with politics and everything Trump.

Above is a snapshot of the top selling Amazon titles.

  1. A WARNING – Anonymous — the writer of the infamous NYT piece that was an early indicator of what was to come.
  2. DIARY OF WIMPY KID – Jeff Kinney — great kids lit. I think adults should read too. Good to get away from it all.
  3. TRIGGERED – DJT2 — a book by someone that is as close to the President as anyone.

Seems right. in between the two polar opposites, is the latest in a tremendous book series that unites us.

Then a few hours later, I was delivered this package from Amulet (division of Abrams). It was a promotional copy of the new WIMPY KID! Thank you. I love the shiny. silver packaging. It makes a statement.

Oh by the way, WIMPY KID is now #1 on Amazon.

Also – both Anonymous’ book and Don Jr’s book are published by imprints at the same corporation, Hachette Books.



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