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Abbey Road

09.01.2009, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

The Gravedigger  //  The Corpse  //  The Pallbearer  //  The Minister

  • Abbey Road was the last Beatles album recorded.
  • But Let It Be was the last Beatles album released.

LIVE WEB CAM at Abbey Road

Another Use for Physical Books?

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I love books printed on paper.  I love eBooks too.  But an eBook can not replace everything a physical book can do.  This photo was taken at the Rock Ctr J.Crew.  It may be hard to tell, but this is a ‘tree’ made out of books.   A full circle approach.   Caught my eye…

Yes, physical books still make great decorations.


The Beatles

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Saw this poster in a window of a video game store.  I recently read in the NYT that the Beatles are the only group listed as a favorite in every age group.  They were in the top 5 with teens all the way to seniors.  They transcend age and have done more to break down generation gaps than possibly any other single force in the past 100 years. 



This poster illustrates this observation.  It will be the top selling game this Fall.   My favorite Beatles song?  So hard to pick, but REVOLUTION 1 is near the top.   Plus, all books about the Beatles sell.


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Jack W PerryThis is my first post of my new web page.   Originally I thought I would come up with something profound.  But that would be forced.  I believe true inspiration and creativinty can not be programmed or forced.  It has to be nurtured and just allowed to happen.  I do believe that one can set up situations and circumstances to help foster that creativity.

This web site will be devoted to my work.  But I also believe that you must enjoy your work to truly be good at it.  So I love books, I love writers and I love booksellers.  All of it comes together in what I am doing.