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Publisher’s Weekly (PW) recently announced the best selling books of 2010. One of the list is a combination of eBooks … Learn more

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) just released their January 2011 sales numbers.   eBook          – … Learn more

How the Eagles have changed…

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As with all of us, the members of the Eagles have aged over the years. But my point is not … Learn more

Random House is Agency now.

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Earlier this week, the USA’s largest book publisher, Random House announced a change of terms regarding eBooks. They switched from … Learn more

Everyone knew it was going to happen. Today Borders finally gave in and filed Chapter 11. This is reorganization so … Learn more

My father always told me to never bring up politics and religion in conversation unless you wanted an argument. So … Learn more

Zen of Shoveling Snow

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New York has received record snowfall for January.  It has snowed so much that the older snow has not melted … Learn more

Borders Survival Manual

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In my previous post I mentioned some factors that have led Borders Books to the brink of bankruptcy.  The Borders … Learn more

Borders Under Seige

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  Over the past few weeks, Borders executives have been in NYC negotiating with publishers.   Many articles have been stated … Learn more

Apple, Google and Amazon…

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The book publishing industry has changed dramatically over the past three years.   Once it was dominated by the publishers. … Learn more