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Tumblr and Foursquare

08.30.2010, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

  Twitter and Facebook get all the press.  But there are hundreds of social network tools and sites available.  I … Learn more


08.23.2010, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

  Take a break.  Go to the playground.  Relax.   Rechage.  Return.   It’s always important to let your brain rest and … Learn more


08.19.2010, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

The media world is going through dramatic changes.   Newspapers, magazines, TV shows, movies, books, music etc are all going digital.  The … Learn more

Friday the 13th

08.13.2010, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

I am not a superstitious person.  I do believe in fate, karma and luck though.  But I believe each person can control … Learn more

We went on vacation near Charleston, South Carolina last week.  It was a great family vacation with lots of sun, sand, … Learn more

eReader Price Wars

07.29.2010, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

Today, Amazon announced that there will be a KINDLE 3 on 23 August.   It will be $139.   About  month ago, … Learn more

Do you see the books in this photograph?   We went shopping today.  As I was waiting, started to notice how … Learn more

Advisor v Consultant

07.20.2010, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

July is usually a very slow time for book publishing.  It is summer.  People take vacations and the store sales … Learn more

Oprah eBooks

07.15.2010, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

Oprah is the most powerful force in selling books today — possibly ever.   She has taken unknown authors and made … Learn more

Ringo is 70 Today

07.07.2010, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

Ringo Starr is 70 years old.   Does that make me feel old?  Nah.   But it does put things into perspective.   … Learn more