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Amazon is the Winner

08.24.2012, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

The Department of Justice slammed Apple, MacMillan and Penguin in their efforts to fight the anti-trust case. Earlier this year. … Learn more

Amazon Phone

07.08.2012, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

Reports have it that Amazon will introduce a smart-phone later this year. Amazon? Phone? At first, I wasn’t sure of … Learn more

Apple iPhone

05.15.2012, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

I have an Apple iPhone 4. i had the iPhone 3. I had the iPhone 3S. I am a fan … Learn more

The eBook world is being driven by major tech companies. Amazon created the modern eBook universe four years ago with … Learn more

Widely reported over the past few days that the Dept of Justice has filed collusion between Apple and the ‘Agency … Learn more

As many expected, the US Department of Justice filed suit against Apple, Macmillan, Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster & Hachette. … Learn more

Five years ago…

02.23.2012, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

The book industry was much different five years ago. Publishers still called the shots and eBook were not a factor. … Learn more

iPhone, iPad and now MacBookAir

12.12.2011, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

I used to buy all Microcoft based products. I liked Windows, Excel and Word. But over the past three years … Learn more

Steve Jobs is dead.

10.06.2011, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

I am not going to recap all the millions of words in honor of Steve Jobs. No doubt he was … Learn more

  B&N nook announced they have 25% of the eBook market. Kobo announced that they have 10% of the eBook … Learn more