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The eBook world is being driven by major tech companies. Amazon created the modern eBook universe four years ago with … Learn more

eBooks and Public Libraries

03.03.2012, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

Random House made news this week by announcing their new pricing on library eBooks. Bascially the cost of a Random … Learn more

2012 predictions

01.01.2012, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

My last post was a recap of 2011. This one is a list of some predictions for 2012. I generally … Learn more

eBook break-even…

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eBooks are the growth vehicle for book publishers today. But still many are hesitant to spend the money to convert … Learn more

eBook pricing snapshot

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  eBook pricing is a big issue in the Publishing industry. It is so important that few publishers will discuss … Learn more


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                  Earlier this week, Amazon announced that John Locke had joined their … Learn more

  B&N nook announced they have 25% of the eBook market. Kobo announced that they have 10% of the eBook … Learn more

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) just released their January 2011 sales numbers.   eBook          – … Learn more

eBooks are all the rage.  The next step in the 500 year history of the book.  This is a bold … Learn more

Another Use for Physical Books?

08.31.2009, No Comments, Uncategorized, by .

I love books printed on paper.  I love eBooks too.  But an eBook can not replace everything a physical book … Learn more