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Celebrity Twitter

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I enjoy Twitter. I find it a great way to stay in touch with others in the publishing industry, I also use it for news, sports and just general stuff.

I don’t follow many celebrities. I find them boring.

But the accounts with the most followers are generally celebrities… and many don’t even tweet that much.

The top ten (with followers).

  1. @justinbieber (37.3-million).
  2. @ladygaga (36.0-million).
  3. @katyperry (34.8-million).
  4. @BarackObama (29.6-million).
  5. @rihanna (29.1-million).
  6. @YouTube (26.1-million).
  7. @taylorswift13 (26.0-million).
  8. @britneyspears (25.6-million).
  9. @shakari (20.3-million).
  10. @jtimberlake (20.7-million).

Bieber actually tweets with over 21,000. But five of the top 10 have less than 2,500 tweets. That is barely saying anything.

Only one of the top is an organization – YouTube.

8 of the top 10 are musicians. All of them are under 30.

President Obama is the only serious one on the list.

I am closing in on 800 followers! Thank you. I have sent over 11,000 tweets. I have a ways to go to join the top 10!!!




Goodreads sells to Amazon

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DBW,Yesterday Goodreads was absorbed into the Amazon empire.

At first I was a bit surprised, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. In this world of thousands of start-ups, being sold to a giant is common. Many reasons for this but the capital needed to spur rapid growth is generally a big reason. Plus, the bigger company will have more experience.

I use both Amazon and Goodreads. I like both companies.

Although over my life, I have probably read 1,000 (?) books, I have only list 31 on Goodreads. I like the site and enjoy scanning it for what people are thinking and reading, I am just not that interested in posting my own reading habits. Plus I was reading books long before Goodreads (or Amazon) existed, I am not that keen on going back and reviewing them all. I feel the same way about my list of movies watched – I put them on Flixster.

I get most of my book recommendations from friends in person. Plus I scan publisher’s websites for my research and come across many titles. I probably have a queue of 25 books right now that I want to read.

I have a love-hate relationship with Amazon. I admit, I use them. I love their customer service, their pricing and convenience. If I need a gift delivered across the country and need it there in two-days, Amazon will do that. They are reliable. But, Amazon can also be very hard on their vendors. There are numerous stories re: their feuds with publishers and other suppliers. Plus Amazon works towards monopolies. I wish I could read all my eBooks on my Kindle. But it is closed.

So what will happen to Goodreads? Amazon points out that it will be a stand-alone like IMDB and Zappos. I hope so. Too much authority will kill Goodreads. Amazon reviews are bought and paid for, Goodreads still have credibility. But if things change, people will go elsewhere. It is a world where you must stay on top of your game, a few slips and the downward spiral is fast.

Just look at MySpace…

For more thoughts, I have a new post on DBW.

Zombies are Everywhere

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Read today on TheNextWeb.com that Amazon is creating a TV show based on the movie Zombieland. It will be exclusive to Amazon Prime. I loved the movie and feel the TV show is a natural. I am surprised that Amazon snagged it and not one of the networks. But then, given the way content is being created, owned and distributed. It makes sense for the retailer to also be the creator.

Zombies continue to be hot.

Brad Pitt stars in a huge movie this year — WORLD WAR Z (trailer). Based on the enormously popular novel by Max Brooks. Brooks also wrote two other companion books. If you haven’t read the books, you should. Great fun and quick reads.

AMC-TV has a hit to best Mad Men with WALKING DEAD. Another zombie biggie. I have not seen the show but feel I should. The fans are crazy for it.

Earlier this year, WARM BODIES was a surprise hit movie. It was based on the novel from Isaac Marion. A zombie comedy.

Type in “zombies” on the Amazon book page and almost 14,500 results pop up.

“Erotic Romance” and “New Adult” may be the new hot categories, but don’t overlook a good old standby – ZOMBIES!

Jack Dorsey on 60 Minutes

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Last night Lara Logan profiled Twitter and Square co-founder Jack Dorsey on 60 MINUTES.

It was a very good piece and worth watching.

Although a coder by training (self-taught), Dorsey gets inspiration from maps, trains, subways and The Golden Gate Bridge.

He believes for a site to be successful it must be simple. It must allow the user to easily do what they want and the software just blends in and is forgotten.

Twitter is a way to quickly tell anyone what you are doing. Anytime, anything, anywhere.

Square allows you to easily use your credit card anywhere through your smartphone or tablet.

Dorsey is a visionary that sees the obvious we all miss and then creates what we didn’t think we needed, but once we use it — can’t believe what we did before.

He ends by saying he wants to one day be mayor of New York City. Working in NYC, I would welcome him. Given his childhood love of trains and subways, imagine what he could do with the largest metro system in the world?





Academy Awards for Best Picture

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One of the most effective ways to sell more books is to have a movie based on it. The ad budgets for movies dwarfs books. Even a bad movie can create a book best-seller. People just say, “the movie really sucked but you should read the book.”

Generally the book is always better. A book can get much more detailed and develop the characters. A movie only lasts two hours. A book can last days.

Sure, some movies are better then the book. But those are the more visual ones.

There are nine movies up for Best Picture.

  • AMOUR – original 
  • ARGO – based of a Antonio Mendez’s book (non-fiction).
  • BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD – based on a play.
  • DJANGO UNCHAINED – original.
  • LES MISERABLES – based on the classic Victor Hugo book and inspired by the long running Broadway play.
  • LIFE OF PI – based on the award-winning novel from Yann Martel.
  • LINCOLN – based on a sliver of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biography of Lincoln, A TEAM OF RIVALS.
  • SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK – based on the debut novel from Matthew Quick.
  • ZERO DARK THIRTY – original screenplay based on true events.

So five of the nine were based on books. Three based on novels and two true stories.

The Rolling Stones

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Are the Rolling Stones the Greatest Rock n Roll Band?

They are celebrating their 50th year as a band. 50?

I’m listing to Pandora — MIDNIGHT RAMBLER.

  • Reading MICK a bio by Chris Andersen. Mick is having sex with everyone on every page.
  • Finished LIFE by Keith. Took me a year. I thought it a great book, didn’t want to end.
  • I have Bill’s STONE ALONE, but haven’t read it. I should.
  • I read Ronnie’s book. But it wasn’t as deep. I love his art.
  • Loved EXILE ON MAIN STREET by Robert Greenfield – the book written about the making of the album.
  • Charlie should write a book.
  • Stanley Booth’s classic THE TRUE ADVENTURES OF THE ROLLING STONE is good reading.
  • I’ve read a few others too, but noting come to mind.

I have 150 Stones singles on my iPod. Put on ‘shuffle’ and listen to it all.

CROSSFIRE HURRICANE on HBO, Seen it a few times.

Logo is timeless.



Super Bowl XLVII

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As like most Americans, I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. Even non-football fans attend parties and casually watch the game. Sure many do not in an almost defiant manner. I understand all perspectives. I like pro football and almost have a feeling that I want boycott the game. But I don’t.

What started out as a championship game between two rival leagues (the established NFL and the up-start AFL), has now taken on a new meaning. It is a cultural event. The ads get as much attention as the game with many people jokingly stating they “watch it for the ads and the football game is just in the way.” But there is a level of truth there. With today’s social media, the discussion of the ads can be done in real time or even before the game.

VW received criticism for their ad having a white guy from Minnesota speak in a Jamaican accent. Some deemed it racist, but many (including the Jamaican Department of Tourism) found it funny. The ad received a ton of publicity and was one of the most talked about ads. I thought it was funny.

Go Daddy always gets into some hot water over their ads. They generally use scantily clad women and Danica Patrick to promote their site. Every year, they get grief for their ads. But it does seem to work for them. This year, they had a super-model french kissing with a nerd. Probably got the most groans and the biggest gross out of all the ads. But again, a lot of attention.

I am not going to run down all the ads, but these two seemed to be the ones that stuck in my mind the most. There were some funny car commercials but I don’t remember which ad went with which car company. I also found the Coke, Pepsi and Budweiser ads forgettable. Except the Bud ad with the clydesdale. Made me cry. It was an excellent commercial. But I won’t drink anymore beer because of it.

The interesting thing is because of Twitter and others, but my preferred choice to follow the game and the ads is Twitter. I could get a completely different perspective of the ads. It is like the entire country is watching something in real time. In this day and age of “watch when you want to,” the Superbowl is one of the few events that everyone watched live. No one tapes it for later. So, that adds a special angle to the game.

Back to the actual game. I enjoyed it. I was rooting for Baltimore although it really didn’t matter to me who won. It was a competitive game with momentum shifts that are generally not so profound in football. The 34-minute blackout (and all the Twitter jokes) made it a game to remember. It also shifted the momentum. Prior to that, the Ravens were cruising 28-6 and it looked like the game was over. But what a difference in the 49ers after the power outage.

Other aspects of the game worth noting is the head coaches are brothers. A very cool side-story. I am glad the older brother John won.

Another season, another Super Bowl. I enjoyed it throughout.

Digital Book World (DBW)

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I attended the 4th annual Digital Book World this week. I have made it to every one of them. I find it a great way to start out the year, learn what is going on, network and feel the pulse of the industry. This is also the third year I have moderated a panel. I enjoyed this year and look forward to #5 in 2014.

Great Way to Kick off the Year – as a consultant with clients and potential clients strewn across the world, DBW is the gathering place to meet all of them face-to-face. Technology has allowed us to do so much remotely, but nothing replaces meeting in person. I find January perfect for everyone has made it through the past year with holiday sales and vacations over. Many in the industry are ready to work on new initiatives and projects. DBW fits into that mind-set. It is Spring Training and everyone has an opportunity for the World Series. New budgets, new initiatives. new scoreboard.

Learn What is Happening – no single presentation or panel is going to answer every question. If I can get at least one bit of wisdom; one idea; one new way of thinking about an issue per session, I am satisfied. DBW more than delivers in that sense. Plus the informal chats are invaluable. I get tons on ideas and it helps understand our ever changing industry. Again, there will never be the “golden ticket” to success (the world has never worked that way), but there is a lot of collected wisdom. I have pages of notes of thoughts and ideas.

Networking – This is one of those things that every book tells you is invaluable for success. It is. But saying it and doing it two different things. Plus networking isn’t something one just does at these meetings but is a constant, year-long process. DBW is a key component for it though. I am still counting, but I have calculated that I spoke with close to 150 people. Some were exchanges of greetings with people I have known for years, others new introductions and many people I currently work with or for. This part could take a dozen posts to describe. But, I meet people I have met “virtually” through Twitter and LinkedIn. I also randomly run into many people. The key is to be there. Must get out and see people. Show up!

The Pulse of the Industry – This can not be quantified. It is an overall feeling. By having all these industry people in the same place and thinking about the same issues creates an overall vibe. This year, I felt industry confidence. In past years, it was more fear and wondering what will happen next. Sure there is always that. But digital has been integrated into every publisher. It is an accepted part of sales, marketing, editorial and publicity. The tools are available and many publishers are making tremendous headway. So that base is solid. But there is also a sense of what happens next? That curiosity is what will continue to drive our industry.

Digital Book World 2013 was very valuable. It is a great launch to the year. As with any conference, you get from it what you put in. I want to thank Shatzkin, Cader, Nussbaum, and Jess Johns (and I am sure many others) for their tireless work and insight for another tremendous conference.

It is January. It is time for everyone to make predictions about the next year. I have read as many as I can. For even if I disagree with the predictions, I do like to understand the logic. Many say the same things. Certain predictions are easy (the eBook growth will flatten a bit and the years of triple-digit growth are over). Some are crazy. But then in a transformative time, crazy can quickly seem normal.

As Jimmy Buffett sings,“If we weren’t all crazy, we would go insane.”

Maybe these are just continuing trends rather than predictions. Everything is in motion and what I see in 2013 is some intensifying and others easing.

So my thoughts for 2013:

  1. Ebook growth will continue to flatten. The growth will continue to be healthy but in double digits.
  2. Digital sales will end 2013 as 33% of the overall trade book business. It is around 20% now.
  3. Children digital will continue to be more and more about subscriptions and web sites. Disney, Scholastic, Ruckus and Amazon to lead. Consuming children’s content continues to blur the lines. What is an eBook? Video? game? etc….
  4. There will be a serious new player in selling eBooks in America. The last major platform was Apple iBookstore.
  5. There will be more consolidation among the corporate publishers. Everyone is saying this. So, I almost feel bad putting it in. But there needs to be a few easy ones so my overall prediction rate is better.
  6. A major author will split from his/her Big 6 publisher and branch out independently.
  7. Amazon will continue to be the eBook sales leader, but will have growing pains in their publishing operations.
  8. Publishers will lighten up a bit and start to experiment much more in 2013 than in the past five years.
  9. Magazines will continue to create eBooks from their content. But will start to question if this is actually helpful and worth the efforts.
  10. Porn will not dominate the top of the best-sellers lists as it did in 2012. 50 SHADES has brought it out of the darkness (and that is a good thing) and stores will continue to stock and sell. The category will continue to grow, but the huge sales at the top will erode.
  11. Physical bookstores will continue to evolve and offer consumables in the store. First it was coffee; then food; then wine; maybe weed in CO and WA?
  12. Graphic novels and comics will have an explosive year in growth. Many will read on their smartphones.
  13. The New York Mets will win the World Series.
2012 was a tremendous year. It was a lot of fun.
2013 will be another great year.



Barnes and Noble – Xmas 2012

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I have not been very upbeat regarding B&N’s position in the book industry. I have felt that they were too tied to tradition and not enough to the future. I also felt that they have lost focus on the stores and reality — and too much on the lack of planning for the Nook. Although these two seem at odds, they are actually very much connected.

I wish B&N well. I want them to succeed. But I feel the storm clouds are coming and not going away.

I had though this Fall would have been a stellar quarter for B&N and that their stock would rise. I was wrong. Looks like this quarter has been a disappointment.

eBooks and Digital:

B&N jumped out last year and grabbed 25% of the eBook market. I predict they have peaked. That their market share will start to decline. Now competitors will enter and take it from B&N. Apple, being sleepy in eBooks continues to sell more and more iPads. There will be some residual benefits as some people will just use the IBookstore to buy eBooks. Amazon will continue to solidify their lead. They continue to innovate.

So, I see three places where B&N Nook will lose share. I don’t see how MSFT will help.

I was in a Microsoft store last week. It was empty. The employees didn’t know anything about the Nook. One even suggested the Kindle. MSFT also has their troubles with Surface tablet selling slow and Windows 8. The Nook investment of $600-million over 5 years sounds like a lot. But it seems MSFT has other problems to deal with.

B&N sold another 5% to Pearson. Maybe this will help. But they continue to sell off pieces of the company. Sounds like a fire sale and not as much an investment.

Physical Books and B&N superstores:

B&N is the only national book chain in the nation, They operate over 600 superstores (Plus n additional 600 college bookstores). These stores have been reporting disappointing sales figures. As the leases come up, they generally close the store. Regardless of the success of the store, operating a 30,000 square foot bookstore is no longer a business model that works.

B&N will not be able to increase the sales of physical books. It is a tide that is not turning back. Sure they can try to get more share from others, but who is left? B&N has used the stores as outposts for the Nook. That is how they grabbed so much share. But now the newness is gone and this advantage is past. So what was once a major asset (having all these locations) is quickly becoming a liability. It also appears upper management is not interested in running these stores.

B&N has diversified their offerings. Many more games, cards, toys,etc are available. Although I applaud this move, I am just not sure it is enough. I feel they will need to push even further away from the book/non-book mix.

Walked around a B&N store yesterday. As I walked through the aisles and looked at the bargain tables, I was still struck by the enormous amount of inventory. There were piles of books everywhere. It is so inefficient. It doesn’t seem to be something that will work long term, Retail has changed. The biggest inventory does not guarantee the best selection. The Internet will always be that.

I want B&N to survive. There are some wonderful professionals working there.

But I fear 2013 is going to be a very difficult year for B&N stores and the B&N Nook.

We will see a lot of changes in 2013 and many traditional players will push to the end.

PS — Best Buy, Sears and Radio Shack will all be gone by the end of the year. I think B&N will survive… but for how long?